Thursday, June 05, 2008 Videos with Closed Captions

It’s been a very good journey working on my latest website
I started this experiment site with my friend Alex Le. I took on this challenge primary to learn something else other than .NET. Yes, I started to learn ruby on rails. We started this project 2 months ago to be exact. Our dedication was just part-time since we both have real jobs. However, the project got more and more interesting (actually a lot more fun than work) that we spend more and more time on in and in 3 occasions we coded through the night. No we are so happy that we can at least provide a beta version out in the web so that users can start experimenting with

I learned a lot working with Alex as a team. We both worked remotely and we did pear to pear programming in our laptops over IM.
Early in the game I had the opportunity to chat with Rohit Kumar, new CIO for the Chicago Sun-times newspaper ( at an i.cstars event. Rohit and I had a great chat about online video broadcasting and advertising. Up to today videos are only searchable by the title and the description. Some companies are trying tagging the videos with keywords so that searches and ads are more targeted and related to the video content. But with you can take this to the next level. Our videos are not just searchable by the title, description, and tags but also by the entire video content. One of my first videos I added captions was a music video by 3 Doors Down (Without you). Two (2) minutes after my captions were published the ads next to the video were about 3 Doors down music rings. Then I experiment with the movie trailer from Iron Man and same thing. A minute later the ads next to the video displayed a video ad for the new Hulk movie. How cool is that?
I believe has lots of potential.

I am personally going to use it to record my own videos, upload them to YouTube, and add captions to provide teaching and how to for the i.cstars community of interns and alumni.
What’s great about TubeCaption?
One nice feature about our site is that we share the revenue with you!
Once you have created an account us, you can link your Google Adsense account and we will display Google ads using your account when your video captions are displayed, about 50% of the time. In the near future will ad support for additional advertising providers.
Well, that’s if for my starter. I have plenty to say but I got to keep in short for today.
Thanks for reading and make sure to visit

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