Thursday, June 12, 2008

The problem with video captions today?

What’s the problem with adding closed-captions to online videos up until today?

As I dig more into the online video closed-captioning market and get more convince that has the yet the best web editor for adding captions to your captions.

You see the #1 problem with the websites today such as Google Video Captioning,,, veoTag, and many others is that they force the user to use minutes and seconds. The user does not want to remember or even set the start and end time for the captions. That’s too painful. I have tried it and I hate it! Adding captions should be more simplified and super easy to use. Everyone knows that adding captions is not as easy as it looks. So, that’s why you have to provide the best out of the web for these users. Features like, copy and paste, resizing, drag and drop, delete, etc are small features that makes the user experience a much better one.

This is why I am very passionate about On top of rewarding the users that provide the captions with money (cash $), we are trying to make a better and a more pleasant experience when it comes to adding captions (closed-captions) to their favorite videos. Try the caption editor here to start playing with the “captionizer” and add captions in seconds.

Video captions will take video viewing, searching, and of course the advertising to another level. This is the next step to online video viewing. The users will be able to find exactly what they are looking for just by simply entering short keywords that are found somewhere in a video with captions.

Oh, I am forgetting, is 100% free and will always be. Every can add captions, comments, transcripts, and etc to any online video. At this point only is supported but with good response from the public we will be able to add support to other video providers.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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