Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Visual Studio .NET environment fonts that don't hurt your eyes.

After working long hours in the Visual Studio .NET 2005 environment the default colors and environment settings start hurting your eyes.

When working with Alex Lee with Ruby on Rails for his game, I started using E-text editor. I found that "E editor" had a nicer and less ease to your eyes environment with a black background and multi-color fonts. During the day I used Visual Studio .Net 2005 and sometimes in the afternoon I was using E. So I decided to make the environment match so that the transition was not harsh.

Visual Studio .NET 2005 Class Editor Colors:
Visual Studio .NET environment fonts and colors

Visual Studio .NEt 2005 html source editor colors:
html source editor colors

You can download my font setting here.
Use the visual studio Import settings utility under the Tools menu to import the fonts. For the text I use a MONACO font not install in Windows XP by default. You can also download the font here.

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