Thursday, November 08, 2007

Inspiron 1720 with Windows XP nVidia GeForce 8600M GT driver

About a week ago a got my new Inspiron 1720 laptop from dell.
Of course dell push me to Window Vista Home edition but we all know that developer's cannot work with this. I was running Window Vista Business edition in my previous laptop a Lenovo 3000N100 which a got to say that it was a piece of junk. My friend Alex got the same Lenovo machine and he blog about how bad the keyboard is. Read he's blog post here.

As soon as I open the box with my new Inspiron 1720 I fire it up with the Windows XP Pro CD.
I had difficulties installing the Windows XP Pro, since the laptop was targeting Vista. But thanks to some blogs out there I finally got it working.

However, the trouble came when installing the drivers. Dell doest not have any driver downloads at there website for Window XP operating system, therefore, I had to search the entire internet.

I tried several nVidia drivers from but what got it working for my nVidia 256mb 8600M GT graphics card was the driver version 163.75 with the modded inf file.

You can download the driver here from the

I hate that Microsoft and the retailers are trying to get everyone stuck with Vista.
I don't have any problem with Vista. But as a developer I need to used reliable tools and applications and many out there are still not up to date for Vista.

If is down, you can download the driver here.
The modified .inf file you get download it here.

Good luck!


  1. hello, the site seems to be down now. is there an alternate place where i can get the modded inf file for 169.04 nvidia installation? thanx a bunch for the response...

  2. Things must have changed because the audio driver that worked for you doesn't work for me on a Inspiron 1720 under XP Pro.......

  3. has Windows XP drivers as of 3/18/2008

    I am in the process of downloading them now.

    Thank you SOOO much for posting this. It made it way easier for me, instead of searching all day.

  5. Hey, Thanks a ton for the info. I'll check the driver out. Btw, I have a Dell XPS M1530 which also uses a Geforce 8600Mu GT. I'm not sure of whether the driver is compatible with my laptop, yet. Also, Can you help me out with updating driver? Because I cant seem to make out which driver is compatible with my Geforce Hardware.. Thanks :)