Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google's Grand Central - The New Way To Use Your Phone Number

I recently got an invitation to use Google's GrandCentral online service that allows me to pick a phone number and have it forward to any telephone I want. It simply can be your only phone number for life. At any time you can change the forwarding number.

I used to have AT&T VOIP service and they have an online service where I can check my incoming and outgoing calls, check voice mail and other similar functions.

GrandCentral can send all your voice mails to your e-mail so that you don't miss a voice mail message.

What I think is best is the availability to block callers, reject calls, send calls to your voice mail.

This is how it works:

Caller calls your GrandCentral number  GrandCentral calls your phones  You get a call and you take an action

Here is a screen shot of the control panel:
Google Gran Central Control Panel

So far the service now is for free for one phone number. However, when it comes out of beta I am not sure how much they will charge for the service.

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