Monday, May 26, 2014

Hostgator: How to clear the ASP.NET Application Pool from Parallels Panel

If you are using Hostgator Windows Hosting Plan for your ASP.Net websites, you probably have notice that is no easy magic button in the Parallels Panel to refresh the Application Pool from your website. 

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I contact support asking to find a way to do this from Parallels and they told me there is no way to do that. They can reset it for me when I wish to. Well, that doesn't work for me. I am not going to sit and wait 13 min in the chat window to get an agent on the line and ask them to please reset the application pool for my website.

The Workaround:

If you are a developer you probably already know this work around. 
Edit the web.config via the web management panel in Parallels or FTP the updated web.config via the ftp and the application pool should reset automatically. But you don't have experience you can easily do these easy steps from the Hostgator Hosting Panel for Windows.

Follow these Steps:
1) Login to Hostgator Parallels Panel Web Interface
2) Under the Websites & Domains, location your website and find the ASP.NET Settings Link

3) Make a change here that would not harm your website. I usually just change the value of the session timeout (minutes).

4) Save the changes by clicking on the OK button. 

That's IIS will automatically reset the application pool for your website.