Friday, July 25, 2008

No 802.11g WIFI in Dallas, TX Suburns

With my current relocation to Lewisville, Texas relocation process, I have found myself stuck with WFI 80211b network everywhere I go. I can’t believe this NO G WIFI! I used to search for WIFI and HotSpots so that I can work. Until I with my placed setup with Internet I am stuck working from Starbucks, Panera Bread, Barnes & nobles etc. But all these places have 80211b networks. Some of them have G but requires an ATT account or pay for 2 hours of wifi. I have T-Mobile and I am having a really hard time getting fast connects.

See the results from

I keep on asking and no one knows what I am talking about. I talked to someone at Starbucks and they are like “Yeah, we just got new equipment from ATT for the WIFI” and guess what? It’s a 80211b connection! What good of an upgrade, uh?

So if you are around the Lewisville, Texas or Flower Mound, Texas Area and you are in need of High speed WiFi, be prepare. Make sure you spend some time thinking of where you are going to be going for your HotSpot.


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  2. Just when I got Fiber Internet at home, starbucks upgraded their WIFI to G