Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aivea eShop Shopping Cart is NOT Enterprise Ready (Review)

After looking for e-commerce solution for my store shopping cart I made the decision to go with Aivea eShop product. Their website ‘professional’ looking was what convinced me to buy it. However, when I downloaded the product with the source code I was shock. I have work in “Enterprise wide” applications and the eShop source code is not enterprise ready as they claim in their website.

These are my disappointment factors:

  • Source code uses Hungarian notation.

  • In store front website source code they persists almost every value in the session in the session.

  • They don’t use strong typed entities. I only noticed 3 or 4 object to used to get data

  • Heavy used of data sets instead of objects

  • Not a flexible architecture. Business rules and data access is all in the App_Code folder. If you have more than one interface that needs to access the shopping cart to process order or retrieve order orders you can’t accomplish it without serious re-factoring and extracting the source code to reusable components.

I am sure I can find other reasons but I will stop here. This was the reason I decided not to use it in my application. Towards the end of the project I was so happy that I did not use this out of the shelf solution that encouraged me to write this article.

I am not writing this post to drive off their business, but to express my believe and make them be aware of what a user is thinking about their product. By the way the version that I used was 2.5+.

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  1. we used it and it causes tons of errors. We'll likely have to rewrite two of our stores.

    You were smarter than i...

  2. Yes we made a right choice. The project is now done. There were many times when I sit down and said "Thank God I didn't use Aivea eShop".

  3. We run eShop generating over 2K orders per day. We moved to eShop from XCart.

  4. Hi Perez and Fregas,

    I work in eShop Support and we have been able to resolve 100% of the issues till now.

    None of the customers who has contacted us are dissatisfied. THe way we code is quite rational and effective to us, but we have made many improvements in line with the current trends.

    Please do not hesistate to contact us and we would be able to assist you best.

    With regards,

    Pradeep Bhaskar

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